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Welcome To Oru Designs

We're a passionate team of off-road enthusiasts, camping connoisseurs, and technical engineers dedicated to helping you adventure in the outdoors.


We see trucks as more than just vehicles. We see them as essential tools for exploration and adventure, capable of taking you wherever your heart desires, whether it's just to work on Monday morning or deep into the wilderness on the weekends.


We're dedicated to equipping you with more than just gear; we're here to provide you with the expertise and unwavering support you need to venture further, explore deeper, and get off the beaten path by turning your truck into the ultimate expedition vehicle.

Visit Us

Come check out Oru campers in person and see how they're made. Our HQ is in San Marcos, California, and is open for visitors during normal business hours. Just contact us ahead of time to schedule your visit!

  • 175 balboa Street Suite A3 92069 San Marcos, California

  • Open Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm

📞: (619) 839-9506

Oru Designs Truck Campers Bruin & Tenfold

Hit The Road

Meticulously engineered from a minimalist design philosophy.

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