Camper size:

  • Mid Sized Truck (5-6' Beds) $9,499 [ie. Tacoma, Ranger, Gladiator, Colorado]
  • Full-Sized Truck (5.5-6.5' Beds) $9,999 [ie. Tundra, F150, Titans, Frontier, Ram 1500]
  • Long Bed Truck (8' Beds) $10,499 


Base Model Includes:

  • Proprietary hard walled camper. . .4 corner mesh windows for ventalation.
  • Full pop out back wall.
  • Quick setup and takedown time. . .typically less than 60 seconds!
  • Built in sleep center. . . sleeping platform folds up for more room in the truck bed and easily folds down for sleep or when camper is not in use.  Fits a queen sized matteress.
  • Bedding can remain in place while closed.
  • Durable design. . .ready to hit the road as soon as its secured to your truck.

Camper Size (starting at $9,499)