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Design the camper of your dreams!

Follow the steps below, adding each product to your cart as you go.
Once your design is complete, a $500 non-refundable deposit will put your camper in our queue.
When your camper is the next one to be built, you will receive an email from us with an invoice.
As soon as the invoice is paid in full, we will begin your camper build. 
After your camper is complete, we will contact you for pick up/delivery. 

Let the adventures begin!
Questions? Email us at

Camper Options

Non-refundable $500 deposit due with order

STEP 1: Size

No product

STEP 2: Color

Camper Color 


No product

Step 3: Walls - Choose Pop Outs or Windows or BOTH
. . . Your choice!

No product

Step 4: Back Door(s)

No product

Tent Options

Step 5: Windows and Shades

No product

Camper Accessories

Memory Foam Mattress

No product

Roof Fan

No product

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